Our Story

iWear Affirmations

It is not so important to be free as it is to be free where it’s important. Of Thought, Of Speech, Of Expression. These are the indispensable condition of every other form of Freedom!

And though sometimes nothing a man can say, is so nearly as powerful as saying nothing,  There are those that are deliberately silent, or preferably unheard. After all, having nothing to say is not the same as saying nothing. To those that would prefer silence to almost anything, we say “its is through our own words we create our own weakness and our own strengths. Words, we know its Power!

At iWear Affirmations we believe all have something to say, but finding ways to say it is more than half the battle.  It is because of this we have come into existence. . . .  To put words to fashion and to show by its power , the art in expression and no more. Because what we wear affirms us! 
Is not for our comfort
But for our liberation
Our stand against their perceptions
that say we're wrong
It is our strength, our war
How we do battle against our enemies
In the hour of our choosing
Freedom is our weapon
How we provoke
How we defy
Truth is how we break your logic
And twist the words back in your mouth
Freedom is our weapon
Truth is how we fight
Expression is the energy source that powers our lives